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Joint pain is a very common complaint that can have a variety of different aetiologies. In a global online survey of over 24,000 people across 24 countries, 87% reported they had experienced joint pain.

Joint pain can range from mildly irritating to debilitating. One of the most common cause of worsening joint pain is osteoarthritis (OA), causing moderate to major disability and limiting everyday activities in an ever-increasing number of the elderly community, thus diminishing their quality of life.

When joint pain flares up, you want relief-fast. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a non pharmaceutical dietary supplement that is validated as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment by the FDA in USA, which was shown to improve joint pain recovery time. Sulphur, which is a major component of MSM, plays an important role in making collagen and glucosamine, both of which are vital for healthy bones and joints.

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Powerlife UC MSM Plus features 3 active ingredients including OptiMSM®, UC-II® (Undenatured Type II Collagen) and Ascorbic Acid. OptiMSM® in Powerlife UC MSM Plus is the world’s purest, safest and most consistent methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).  OptiMSM® is backed by numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies for safety and efficacy. And by employing the most cutting-edge technology, OptiMSM® of Powerlife UC MSM Plus benefits overall joint health by improving joint pain recovery time, prevent chronic joint issues, maintain the cushion between joints to support mobility and protect healthy cartilage.





MSM Supplementation Reduced Joint Pain

P.R. Usha and M.U.R. Naidu. Clin Drug Invest. 2004. Randomised, Double-Blind, Parallel, Placebo-Controlled Study of Oral Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane and their Combination in Osteoarthritis 

The UC-II® in Powerlife UC MSM Plus is derived from chicken sternum cartilage and contains active epitopes that activates immune cells to secrete anti-inflammatory mediators, hence helping to reduce joint inflammation and promotes cartilage repair. Research have also shown that with just 40mg of UC-II®, the effects in reducing pain and stiffness were proven to be 2x more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin.

Powerlife UC MSM Plus that is enriched with Ascorbic Acid does not only support bone health, but work synergistically with UC-II® in protecting against the development and progression of OA.

The triple-action combo of Powerlife UC MSM Plus provides rapid pain-relieving potential in 2 weeks' time* and protects joints against normal wear and tear.

* Based on the study conducted by Usha 2004. Results may vary depending on the joint severity.


  • Reduce joint pain in 2 weeks' time*

  • Quick relief in pain and inflammation 

  • Combat soreness & joint fatigue

  • Reduce effects of aging on joints

  • Support overall health for joints and cartilage




Chicken cartilage extract

(Providing 10 mg total collagen)

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

3000 mg

40 mg


100 mg


Take 1 sachet (6.2g) & mix well with 150ml of water, once daily after meal continuously for 14 days

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