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Updated: 07 August 2021 (Ver. 8)

Dear valued customers and partners of POWERLIFE, we have recently received reports of unauthorised and non-genuine POWERLIFE goods being sold in the Malaysian e-commerce market. We are upmost concern on arising inquiries questioning on product genuinity.

We would like to assure that all POWERLIFE's products are distributed through Powerlife official e-store in Shopee and Lazada and Alpro Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd., our ONLY authorized seller on both e-commerce and retail channel. We are worried that purchases from unknown source are not genuine validate. Please purchase from the right source to ensure you are getting genuine products.

We are working with Malaysian authorities and relevant parties to curb these illegal activities and will not hesitate to take legal action.

We would like to encourage you, our customers, to join us to report these unauthorised sellers if you come across any other than Alpro Pharmacy. These products fall short of our quality standards and may cause serious health and safety issues if used. Please note that POWERLIFE will accept no liability whatsoever for any damages caused by using such ingenuine products. 

We have done our due diligence and have provided here a list of unauthorised resellers: 

  1. Feifei Home Life Store (

  2. Big Fish Begonia (

  3. (

  4. Feifei Cosmetics (

  5. MyHBS (

  6. l66nbd4zqj (

  7. Janet Store (

  8. (

  9. w571v695rk (

  10. JasmineFF25 (

  11. ExclusiveSales (

  12. Forward position (

  13. Public Health Shop (

  14. qwezxc567 (

  15. 8J6eSBoVR (

  16. Pharmacy Princess Health (

  17. l4M6Y3K06 (

  18. VGdKGRmm5 (

  19. RKqIO3Fij (

  20. bdyLyA1Ak (

  21. ZH9n9qthf (

  22. 8HLFihfzE (

  23. sKJsPTjEb (

  24. QbTtqQy3R (

We are are still investigating other sources selling these ingenuine goods and will update this list as soon as we get more confirmations. We thank you for your support and hope to continue to deliver high quality products for you and your family. 

Should you have any concerns about the authenticity and safety of your POWERLIFE products please email us at

We care about your health,

The Powerlife Team

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