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Joint pain and inflammation (Arthritis) causes great impact to every individual’s life. Living in pain poses higher risk of experiencing progressive loss of function and eventually decline in health-related quality of life. The pain not only restricting daily activities, but it also affects one’s emotion by making him/her to be more susceptible to emotional changes that foster depression and anxiety. Prevention medicines that available in the market are mostly in the form of pill or softgel which may not be an ideal choice for those who having a tough time swallowing pill. Worry not, joint pain should not be a lifetime nightmare.

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Powerlife UCHA8000 is a refreshing citrus flavour joints nourishing drinks that everyone loves. It is the most effective and convenient way to get your daily supply of joints’ supportive nutrients.  UCHA8000 features a blend of 4 active ingredients including UC-II® (Undenatured Type II Collagen), Yeast Fermentation Extract (source of Hyaluronic Acid), Bromelain and Vitamin C in every single sachet. Here’s how Powerlife UCHA8000 works to reduce joint pain and inflammation:

1. REPAIR joint’s cartilage

A damaged joint’s cartilage is the main culprit of osteoarthritis (joint inflammation). UC-II® is a type of Undenatured Type II Collagen that is derived from chicken sternum cartilage, it works by reducing joint inflammation and promotes cartilage (cushion between the joint) repair. Research have shown that the pain and stiffness reduction effects of supplementation with just 40mg of UC-II® is far better than glucosamine plus chondroitin. With the combination of Vitamin C in this formula, the duo works tremendously in repairing joint’s cartilage and pain reduction.

Comparative reduction in the WOMAC score and VAS score after three months in undenatured type II collagen versus combination of glucosamine plus chondroitin

UCHA graf.png

% reduction


type II collagen

Combination of glucosamine

plus chondroitin

Ram P. & Gauri B. Int J Res Orthop. 2018. Undenatured collagen type II for the treatment of osteoarthritis: a review.

2. IMPROVE joint's lubricant

The lubricant in between joint is known as synovial fluids, it is very important as a shock absorber and nutrients carrier. Powerlife UCHA8000 uses yeast fermentation extract which is a great source of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that found abundantly in joint’s fluid to maintain the fluid viscosity and normal integrity of joint. Super Low Molecular Weight (SLMW) of 8000 Da HA is used in this formula to ensure excellent solubility and absorption as oral supplement HA >10,000 Da is rarely absorbed by the body.


3. REDUCE joint’s inflammation

Joint’s inflammation and swelling is commonly coexistence with joint’s pain. Bromelain a proteolytic enzyme derived from the pineapple plant is proven to be an alternative treatment to NSAIDs for patients with osteoarthritis. Powerlife UCHA8000 works by reducing swelling and pain of the soft tissues of joints.




  • Support healthy joint function

  • Promotes cartilage regeneration

  • Reduces joint’s pain and inflammation

  • Improves joint’s flexibility and comfort

  • Optimize quality of life

Sodium Hyaluronate

(Providing 50mg Hyaluronic Acid)

Chicken Cartilage Extract

(Providing 10mg Total Collagen)

Ascorbic Acid

(Vitamin C)


*No added sugar, this is a diabetic friendly product






Take 1 sachet (3g powder) once daily after meal, mix well with 100ml of water and drink.

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