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PQQ Ubiquinol


Stroke and heart disease are among the leading cause of death worldwide. After stroke onset, nerve growth factor (NGF) in the brain works to protect and regenerate nerve cells. Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the main causes of brain damage following a stroke, and studies have found that PQQ possess the ability to improve mitochondrial function can help prevent further damage and promote recovery.

Moreover, as our age approach 40, mitochondria (powerhouse of cells) become less efficient at producing energy, more prone to oxidative damage, and less able to repair themselves. These eventually lead to mitochondria dysfunction. The inability of the mitochondria to perform optimally is identified as one of the causes of heart diseases.

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Powerlife PQQ Ubiquinol features 2 world renowned patented ingredients, PureQQ and Kaneka Ubiquinol in an optimized, easy to swallow capsule. PureQQ, developed in the United States, is the only brand of PQQ recognized by FDA as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) whereas Kaneka Ubiquinol, developed in Japan, is the most established and researched brand of CoQ10 in the market.


How does this combination benefits the recovery of post brain trauma neurodegeneration? In vivo studies have showed that supplementing Ubiquinol after stroke can regulate the inflammatory and degenerative pathways. Concurrently, PQQ acts as a potent enhancer of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production, providing additional protection against brain-related injuries. As both actives in Powerlife PQQ Ubiquinol are taken together, they work synergistically to improve spatial memory and learning performance during recovery stage, making it an ideal health supplement for post brain-related injury such as stroke.


PQQ in Powerlife PQQ Ubiquinol has been shown to promote the growth and development of new mitochondria (powerhouse of cells), a process known as mitochondrial biogenesis. PQQ achieves this by activating a cellular signalling pathway called PGC-1α, which is a master regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis. Statins can lower the body's natural levels of CoQ10, and supplementing with CoQ10 reduces muscle pain and weakness associated with statin use. However, the body finds it challenging to absorb the conventional form of CoQ10, known as Ubiquinone. This is where Powerlife PQQ Ubiquinol comes into the picture, as it provides a much more bioavailable form of CoQ10 in the form of Ubiquinol, using a patented delivery system that has been proven to be up to 8 times more absorbable than ubiquinone. In only 4 weeks, individuals taking this form of Ubiquinol were able to achieve higher levels of plasma CoQ10 that the conventional version which is more widely available in the market.


This combination of PureQQ (PQQ) and Kaneka Ubiquinol in Powerlife PQQ Ubiquinol is designed and formulated specially to optimize post-stroke brain recovery at cellular level and this pair is essential in conjunction with the use of statins drugs to offset the negative effects which is statin induced mitochondrial dysfunction.



  • Increase NGF for post-stroke brain trauma recovery

  • Improves blood flow and reduces damage to brain blood vessels

  • Support energy level for elderly especially statin user

  • Reduce statin-induced side effect (myalgia – muscle pain)


Pyrroloquinoline quinone Disodium Salt (PQQ) 




Adults: Take 1 capsule once daily after meal.

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