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POWERLIFE Multivites Plus


Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change for the body. Among the many things to expect while expecting, there is a radical shift in nutritional needs for both the mother-to-be and her baby.


During pregnancy, nutrition is so important because it is what fuels you and your baby. Critical development of vital organs takes place within the first eight weeks of pregnancy. When we give our bodies the fuel it needs, it’s able to support the mommies better, by allowing them to be much more functional and aids in reducing health risks during their pregnancy. Good nutrition and appropriate supplementation also promote healthy development for the baby.


Along with eating a nourishing diet and staying hydrated, prenatal vitamins can supply extra nutrients tailored to support the needs of pregnancy.

Multivites Plus
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Powerlife Multivites Plus features 10 nutrients that is important for healthy pregnancy that may be difficult to get from diet alone: Choline (Cholife™), Folate (Quatrefolic®), Vitamin Bs (B1, B2, B6 and B12), Vitamin D3, Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate), Iodine (Potassium Iodide) and Zinc (Zinc Bisglycinate). Powerlife Multivites Plus is specifically formulated to support women trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding, helping you to meet the increased nutritional requirements and supports your baby’s health development.


Powerlife Multivites plus includes the patented folate from Quatrefolic®, which offers the biologically-active form of folic acid. New findings over the last decade have shown that some people may have MTHFR polymorphism where they do not produce enough enzyme to convert folic acid to active folate. Conversion into active folate is not required for reduced and methylated folates like Quatrefolic®, they are already in the active form, which is particularly useful during preconception, pregnancy and also lactation because it provides the ‘natural’ and ‘bioactive’ dose of folate directly, without metabolization by MTHFR. Increasing the amount of folate in your diet before and during your pregnancy can help prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.


Powerlife Multivites plus has rich source of Choline to help support baby's brain and spinal cord development. It features choline from Cholife™ in Choline Bitartrate form, offering a stable and qualitative choline salts. Choline is an essential vitamin-like nutrient which is an important building block for cell structure to ensure excellent fetal and child brain development.


The Vitamins and minerals in Powerlife Multivites Plus supports immune system and energy levels for the mommies to ensure a healthy development for the baby.



  • Support healthy fetal and neural development during pregnancy

  • Enhance child lifelong improvement of visuospatial memory

  • Promote complete nutritional status for during pregnancy & nursing period

  • Improve mother’s physical strength and general wellbeing

  • Non-constipating prenatal supplements

Vitamin D3

Folic Acid (as (6S)-5-

Methyltetrahydrofolic acid,

glucosamine salt)

Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate)           

Iodine (Potassium Iodide)

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B1

Zinc (Zinc Bisglycinate)

Choline (Choline Bitartrate)













*Note: B vitamins in Powerlife Multivites by nature have a unique aroma.


Adults: Take 1 capsule once daily with meal.

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