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Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine


In this fast moving and competitive world, our productivity and ability to multitask greatly determine our job performances. Our brain needs to stay active, alert and poses fast processing speed at all time in order to complete task, have the ability for critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. We can maintain our brain function through practicing healthy lifestyle, diet and be physically active. Are there any shortcuts for this? Yes, the brain boosting ancient medicinal plants – Ginkgo Biloba. With the almost exponential evolution of modern technologies, Ginkgo Biloba extract is proven with its ability to support short-term memory and concentration for working adults and elderly.


Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine

There’s so many Ginkgo Biloba available in the market, what makes Powerlife different? Powerlife Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine features patented Virtiva® compound which is a standardized Ginkgo biloba extract formulated with lecithin containing 20% phosphatidylserine (a lipid (fat) that’s vital for keeping our brain cells fluid and healthy). The synergy between Ginkgo biloba standardized extract and phosphatidylserine is what makes Powerlife Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine unique. This smart combination exploits the coaction between its two nootropic agents.


Virtiva® of Powerlife Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine applies Phytosome technology to create a molecular complex of ginkgo extract and phosphatidylserine that improves absorption and achieves greater cognitive support. Both ginkgo and phosphatidylserine in Powerlife Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine are recognized natural products traditionally used for cognitive support.


Besides boosting up memory and speed, phosphatidylserine is proven to be beneficial for easing symptoms of anxiety. Supplementation with it has been associated with a more relaxed state and balanced cortisol response during mental stress. Powerlife Ginkgo Plus Phosphatidylserine could help you think clearly, stay calm even when the pressure is on.



  • Support mental performance, memory and healthy brain cells

  • Improve blood circulation in body and brain

  • Ease mental stress and anxiety

  • Boost work performance with good mental clarity

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 


(Providing 72mg Phosphatidylserine)




Working adults: Take 1 tablet daily after meal.

Elderly with risk of Dementia/Alzheimer: Take 2 tablets daily after meal.

*Precaution: Ginkgo can increase the tendency of bleeding, please consult your physician/pharmacist if you are on or intend to start using any other medicines and before you undergo any surgical/dental procedure.

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