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The modern world is fast paced, life can be relentless, and expectations can be high- which indirectly result in increased stress levels. Fatigue-fighting herbs, known as adaptogens could help you become better at adapting stress, boosting energy levels that your body required and strengthen the immunity. These herbs can be used to boost athletic performance and regulate physical and mental stress. Among the most popular adaptogens are ginseng root, cordyceps, rhodiola, which have been used in ancient Chinese and ayurvedic medicine.

In general, these herbs help to balance the natural physiological functions in our body, helping us to reach homeostasis and direct effect on our major control systems.







Powerlife Duragenz features the unique combination of 3 blended herbal extracts, Cordyceps sinensis extract, Panax Ginseng extract and Rhodiola rosea extract to provide a boost of energy, minimizing the bodily response to stress.

Cordyceps sinensis extract in Powerlife Duragenz has the function to improve exercise performance in older and younger adults, by speeding up body’s production of the cellular energy (ATP). Panax ginseng extract from GinSelect® in Powerlife Duragenz contains more than 7% of active compounds (ginsenosides and malonylginsenosides), which helps to increase physical energy & mental performance. Rhodiolife® Rhodiola rosea extract in Powerlife Duragenz consists rosavins and salidrosides that helps to improve breathing rate by increasing haemoglobin capacity to carry oxygen.

Combination of these 3 adaptogenic herbs in Powerlife Duragenz can bring a synergistic effect, enhancing individual benefits and harmonizing their overall effect on the body to support energy, vitality, and mental alertness.




  • Provide energy, vitality and mental alertness

  • Relieve stress and fight fatigue

  • Reduce burn out syndrome

  • Improve endurance and exercise performance

  • Improve breathing rate

400 mg

20 mg

50 mg


Cordyceps sinensis extract

Panax ginseng extract 

Rhodiola Rosea extract

Take 1 tablet twice daily before meal

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